The Gardening Angel provides design and installation of unique, artistic garden containers!

Add high impact interest to your deck, porch or garden with our custom container designs.

Our Creation Process

Following a meeting with you to determine overall look desired, color, texture, plant preferences, and budget our designer will develop a design for your review.

The TGA team has extensive knowledge in the care of container plants (fertilization, pruning, cut-back and pest control) with the goal of maintaining a beautiful look throughout the entire growing season. TGA:

  • Designs with an eye toward economical use of plant materials such as the reuse of foundation plants over several seasons and the incorporation of perennials and bulbs which can subsequently be planted in your garden.
  • Purchases from local greenhouses and vendors.
  • Provides special event planning: Weddings, Graduations, Open House and Holiday Celebrations.
  • Offers customized maintenance including weekly, monthly, or vacation-only care.
  • Assists you with sourcing unique containers.


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